Holy Activities at The Temple


Holy works at “shri Bahucharaji mataji temple Derdi(ku)

  • Holy Lamp is continuing lighting.
  • To tend cattle and Seeds to birds.
  • To tend at meals to saints, holy men, and guest
  • Every Sunday and Friday to tend meals to saint, baby girls, and guest as desired by devotes.
  • To worship of SHRI RANDAL MATAJI and LOTA of Randal mata “ meals & Gift to baby girls as desired by
  • During Vaibhav laxmi vrut, meals and gift to baby girls and distribution of Vaibhav laxmi books to them and
      complete the celebration.
  • Religious merit (punya) to be sent after complication of Satyanarayan katha”.
  • The religious merit to be sent After completion of YANGA (Consecratory rite).
  • Regularly yagna during Astmi of MAHA, ASHADH, CHAITRA & ASHO NAVRATRI.
  • Navratri puja A worship of nine grah, chandi path, worship of Navdurga, vrat of jaya parvati and grah
       shanty (home silence) etc.
  • Parshotam mas (additional month) worship and celebrate.
  • Shrimad bhagvat saptah for ancestor as desired by devotes.
  • Shrimad devi bhagvat saptah as desired by devotes.
  • Worship of sravan month turmoil bath (ABHISEK) , laghurudra, maharudra etc as desired by devotes.
  • To planning of mass (grup) marriage.
  • A worship of cow and donation.

Facility At Temple

  • Large Temple Complex.
  • Lodging & Boarding managed by Temple Trust.
  • 8 Rooms available for guests.
  • Development of garden.
  • Nearby Bus Depot